A Message From the CTO

As long as the landscape of software development automagically evolves alongside with the growth of connectivity and AI, Natural Language Understanding becomes vital for majority of IT products and services. Bagan Research Lab expects to deliver belief and encouragement to software developers, students in Myanmar ICT industry. These tools are developed to help the improvement for Myanmar Language Understanding and to contribute as a part of the movement for community.

Soe Khaing Win

Myanmar Word Segmentator/Part of Speech Tagger

MM POS Tagger is a tool that reads the text in Myanmar language and assigns parts of speech to each word.

e.g. ကျေးဇူးတင်/verb ရှိ/verb ပါ/particle တယ်/post_positional _marker ခင်ဗျာ/particle


Myanmar Sentiment Classification

Sentiment classifier is a NLP tool that given a Myanmar text, analyzes and determines whether it is a positive, negative or neutral statement.

Myanmar Spelling Checker

MM Spell Checker is a tool that reads the text in Myanmar language and extracts incorrect spellings and suggests words for the correct spelling.



• Htain Lin Shwe

• Pyae Phyo Hein

• May Thaw Thaw Khin