Spelling Correction Engine

Perhaps the most important step in Foundational NLP is spelling correction, and it is not without its own serious obstacles, such as evolving writing styles in informal online interactions, and very strong nature of context dependency of correct spelling--grammatical or semantic context. Here we strive to achieve the standard spelling from Myanmar standard books such as မြန်မာစာလုံးပေါင်းသတ်ပုံကျမ်း နှင့် ခွဲထား (2016) by မြန်မာစာနှင့် ဘာသာစကား ပညာရေး ဦးစီးဌာန and ခရီးဆောင် မြန်မာစာအဘိဓာန် (2014) by မြန်မာစာအဖွဲ့.This is in alpha stage and we will be upgrading to a much stronger spelling correction model in the upcoming weeks. In the mean time, go have fun with our free demo!

Example Use Cases

Spelling correction is used as a standalone application or is used as a preprocessing step to all NLP tasks.


This is the demo version of the Myanmar Spelling Checker, so we do not guarantee 100% for the result.


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char limitation - 1000 chars/call
call limitation - 10 call/min